Laws may not be moral or ethical, hence, civil disobedience could be illegal but correct. For example, during NAZI Germany Euthanasia of mentally retarded individuals, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc was legal. Hence, a Physician who refused to performed Euthanasia was breaking the law. A criminal breaks the law out off disregard for the best interest of others or society. For example, a drug dealer breaks the law by selling illegal substances and causing injury to individuals. Furthermore, drug dealers have a direct negative effect on the economical and social state of a society. That is why Nelson Mandela could be elected President of South Africa but your neighborhood drug dealer never gets elected to Congress. People who try to equate breaking the law with criminal behavior are ignorant or malicious. The apartheid government of South Africa could have put in jail Nelson Mandela under their laws but could not transform him into a criminal. On the other hand, a drug dealer would never be transform into hero.