Let the little angels be happy. Set the little angels free.
Little angels are to be kept free of immorality and perversion.
Corrupting little angels is not an act invisible to God. Let the
little angels grow up free of the karma of corruption. Little
angels are not responsible for the pain inflicted to other little
angels who grew up to be demons. Little angels are vulnerable to
the desires of dark souls. Damaging the hearts of little angels is
a crime towards the heavens. Let the little angels experience their
own mistakes. Do not impose on them the darkness of confuse and
torture predators. Little angels have the right to happiness that
it was denied to Man-Animals. Shattering the hope and spirit of
little angels generates the hurricane of desolation to mankind.
Despicable and foul souls keep away from little angels. Take your
lust and indecency to the pits of your infinite hell. Do not
pollute the little angels with the filth of your shameless desires.
Man-animal keep your disgusting and dirty existence away from the
little angels.