I was navigating blind inside a river cave and I heard your
voice. I was trapped in a dream world of illusions and I saw your
eyes. I was flying without wings and I felt your soul. I was lost
in a house of mirrors and you held my hand. I was chained to a
lifeless statue and you open my eyes. I was crying for a promise
and you gave me reality. I was suffering for a Madonna without a
heart and you gave me kindness. I was claiming justice and you
brought me God. I was searching for truth and you showed me peace.
I was looking for an answer and you taught me hope. I was drowning
in my own tears and you touched my soul. I was thirsty for love and
you told me to seek inside my well. Thank you, for stoping and
aiding this vulnerable traveler. May the love of God irrigate your
garden forever.