Cruelty is the worst poison against love.
That who is cruel does not know love.
You can not be cruel and claim to love.
Cruelty and love are incompatible.

Cruelty against humans is the worst sin against love.
That who is cruel to a fellow man hates God.
A man who is cruel to animals is the enemy of nature.
Show me a cruel man and. I will show you evil.

Voluntary or involuntary cruelty are both serious offenses against humanity.
A cruelty of lust is done by a man with lack of self-control.
Cruelty towards children can only be performed by a demon.
Parents who are cruel to their children are not worthy of respect.

Cruelty as an expression of power is the result of an evil heart.
The mind of a cruel individual is the result of immorality.
Evaluate people for what they do, not what they claim to be.
Do not be fool by external appearances, look into the heart of the man.

Cruelty can never be justify.
Defending cruelty is the same as doing it.
Describing a cruel man as a good person is like calling God the Devil.
Cruelty is never the result of an illusion or confusion.

Cruelty is never the result of an honest mistake.
Anyone who see a cruel act can not claim ignorance of the intention.
Cruelty burns everyone with the flames of evil.
Enjoying cruelty is like denying the existence of God.