The basic unit of society and civilization is the family. A family does not has a chance of survival when it becomes the target of society. Imagine that the Federal and State government targets your family. Imagine that your employer target your family for destruction. Imagine that your extended family targets your nuclear family for destruction. Imagine that you pay >50% of your income in taxes for 20 years but the government gives you 0.00$ in times of financial crisis. Why do we pay taxes for? Why do I get in return? I got nothing and to make matter worst the government literally destroyed my life and family. How can this be possible? I have no idea, but it happened. No wonder our economy is Bankrupt. Our government have no interest in protecting our rights or well being. Why? Where do they think the money comes from? I literally paid my government to destroy my nuclear family. However, the people around me simply could not believe that it was true. Instead of crying injustice, they finished the job. Yes, my employer and family turned against my nuclear family and destroyed any chance of survival. Why? What is the logic behind it? Very
simple, it had to be either my wife’s or my fault. Hence,
each family blamed the other and did everything in their
power to destroy my nuclear family. The employer took
advantage of the situation to make a killing financially. I bet you do not believe me. However, you are wrong. Wake up,
open your eyes, see what is happening to all of us. I
recently took care of an accountant who had a suicide
attempt after losing his main clients to bankruptcy. This accountant lost 35 years of work in a matter of weeks. In my 20 years of practicing Critical Care I have not seen a professional attempting suicide because of the negligence of the government. What are you going to do about it? The spouse of the patient decided to get a divorce. Why a spouse will betray another when he/she is needed the most? Survival, when there is no trust in the system or institutions, anarchy and chaos reign.