There are four stages of criminal behavior: ideation, communication, Facilitation and actualization. Ideation is the process of generating an idea and a justification for the action. The ideation is conscious and subconsciously and provides the motivation to pursue the criminal act. Criminals communicate their intention verbally and non-verbally. The predatory behavior is evident by perennial lying, Conning, manipulating, And changing like a chameleon.
They are callous, shallow, show little stress and have no remorse. Symbolic gesture express the ideation and crime they will commit. For example, tattoos, belonging to gangs, KKK or skin heads. The written and spoken word betrays the criminal of his intentions. The physical actions of the criminal provide clues of the intention of the criminal. The actions are usually of control of the situation to move to the next step. At this point, he moves toward the selected victims with signs threat to neutralize it. The criminal may control all access of communication to the victim or prevent the victim from escaping. Any potential rescue is prevented by physical means or by the threat of violence. Finally, the criminal acts on the ideation. This is what the Man-Animal is doing to my family and me. This is not joke and the fact that is happening in the eyes of society is a disgrace.