The individual has two mechanism to become a law-abiding citizen. These are the outer and inner containment. These processes prevent the individual from deviate from society rules. The outer containment protects the individual from external forces and the inner serves as secondary line of defense. Hence, criminal behavior needs to corrode both defense mechanisms or one depending on the circumstances. Another aspect to prevent anti-social behavior is social bonds: Individuals with attachment to conventional people, commitment to conventional behavior, Involvement with conventional people and Beliefs of conventional norms. Hence, lack of attachment or concern about what other people think of you leads to criminal behavior. Another characteristic of criminal behavior is lack of self-control. Lack of self-control leads to immediate gratification, look for easy ways for self-gratification, and need for acts that are exciting. Furthermore, they lack stability in their lives and are insensitive to the suffering of others. Finally, they have low tolerance to frustration which they respond with violence. Basically, I just described the Man-Animal.