There are multiple variables responsible for the development of the criminal mind. Imitation thru fashion or custom is the most basic aspect. The individual has observed the action and approach to a particular behavior. The second step is the teaching of criminal behavior. Next, loosening the restrain or desensitization to violence. This is followed by habituation of the criminal behavior. Justification of the criminal act by adjusting reality to fit the image created by the criminal. The desire to be powerful when the individual feels inferior and has low self-esteem. Hence, crime becomes a way to satisfy desires or status that the individual feels is unable to obtain by his own merit. The criminal behavior is learned by interacting with other individuals who teach techniques and strategies to break the law. The behavior can be reinforced by peer pressure and anti-social conditioning. The criminal focus his attention to the reward of the action. Also, he evaluates a criminal behavior pattern that satisfy his desires. In other words, the individual enjoys the criminal act because it provides the fulfillment of a perceive need.