Social association with criminals is a key aspect in the criminal mind creation. The most important interaction that influence criminal behavior is family members. This followed by ethnic group and religion. In other words, the closer is the interaction to the individual the more likely the behavior will be reinforced. Furthermore, the individual learns a new set of rules and morals which contradicts those of society. Individuals have a desire to justify their behavior or actions. As a matter of fact, the criminal has to convince himself of the reasons to justify his behavior. The social control to obey the law is destroy or broken down in the mind of the criminal. The criminal has dissociated from society because certain bonds have been broken. Hence, the individual has lost connection to society and does not feel to be part of it. The social control can be exerted directly, indirectly or internal. Direct control is exerted primary by the parents. The indirect control is provided by the peers or society. Internal control is provided by the consciousness and guilt felt by the individual.