Criminals use certain strategies to control their victims. They use mere physical presence, verbal threats, the use of a weapon, or the use of physical force. The objective is to control the victim and to force him/her to comply with the criminal’s wishes. One way to avoid detection is committing the crime in the home of the victim. Furthermore, the criminals study the behavior and patterns of the victim to maximize control. Alcohol and drug consumption is prevalent among criminals especially before and after crimes. The use of illicit drugs is a strong prediction for criminal behavior. In most instance, the crime of choice is to become drug dealers. However, the main motivation for the crime is for monetary gain due to the high cost of the illicit drug. After drug dealing, property theft is the most common crime, followed by violent crime. However, most violence is due to the drug trade itself. Cocaine is the drug closely related to property theft and violent crimes. Militia and terrorists are better train and their action led greater damage than regular criminals. Furthermore, militia and terrorist like
to promote their involvement in the crime and are more
likely to use hostages. Drug dealers who are drug addicts and belong to militia groups are particularly dangerous.