(1) Predatory Aggression: our motivated attack behaviors. This aggression is directed to natural prey and is deeply routed in our ancestors hunting behavior. Today it can be seen in the behavior of normal individuals as hunting. Forensic implications: A variety of deviant and abnormal subjects may see others humans as lesser beings. The deviant, which may include narcissists, could see others as non-equals and may not have any moral issues with stealing or hurting such individuals.The psychopath cannot see through the eyes of others and may also not consider them as equals.Such an individual may not have moral qualms with seriously injuring or even killing others. This is an example of hate crimes such as the KKK towards minorities or catholics. The man-animal is an example of predatory aggression.
(2) Intermale Aggression: physical violence or submissive behavior displayed by males towards each other.Forensic implications: these intermale drives could be an explanatory framework for the high rates of intermale
violence. Possible causes for such violence could be
perceived competition for resources and ego threats that one
male feels is being created by a second male.The man-animal also shows this type of aggression.
(3)Sex related aggression: aggressive behavior that is elicited by the same stimuli that elicits sexual behavior.  Any person who can evoke sexual desire can equally evoke aggression via jealousy, etc..  Forensic implications: besides the obvious jealousy-violence reactions, some individuals may for one reason or another come to associate sexual desire with violence and dominance.  This association could possibly explain a number of violent sexual acts that occur. The man-animal is a sexual offender.