To be civilized is to be moral. In order to keep civilization alive, morality need to be alive in the society. Morality and ethics is what prevent men from turning into animals. To differentiate good vs evil morality needs to be present. A moral and ethical person can not justify any action. An ethical society does not allow any action to occur without judging the moral implications. Hence, a moral and ethical civilization does not tolerate or justify crime or corruption. In other words, justice is obtain only by moral and ethical societies. The basic element of society is the family. Therefore, morality and ethics begin in the home. Once children are corrupted, it would be very difficult for society to change them into moral individuals. The civilization and society need to demand morality and ethics from the family. People and institutions need to be made accountable for their actions and decisions. Crime and corruption spread like a cancer or infection if allow to grow. If you study the fall of a civilization, you will realize that the collapsed came from within. The outside force just finished or enhanced that for which was already decaying.