Individuals give up total freedom in return for protection and justice. The complex nature of civilization leads to hierarchy structure. Hence, the majority of members will reside at the bottom of the pyramid. The function of government is to keep civilization intact. The citizens have a social contract with government by the rule of law. The structure of government and laws have been modify but the principle is the same. To keep the masses in order and compliant with the laws. Every organization or structure is design to keep the integrity of civilization. The development of certain organizations indicate the failure of government and are created as a counter balance to maintain civilization. For example, when the social contract is broken or the rule of law is not effective, organized crime or government corruption is created. Similarly, militia or guerrilla movements develop when the government fail to provide law and order. The major difference between First world from Third world nations is that the rule of law is ineffective in the latter. Hence, the social contract is broken, corruption and organized crime flourish under this
conditions. However, the citizens become hostage to the
system. More chaos is created by attempts to reestablish
order which may lead to civil war. Hence, the rule of law
and justice are essential to keep civilization alive. This
is the reason that explain why following the law is
essential for civilization. On the other hand, the only way
to enforce the law effectively is by instilling principles
and morals in society. Hence, the main goal is to establish
a set of parameters to accomplish as a society. Then these
parameters need to become icons that should be preserved and
defended. At this point, religion, ethnic group or
civilization itself becomes the media that glue this fabric
together. Despite all these arrangements, the citizen needs
to perceive that the social contract is in effect. The only way to convince the individual is by having an effective and just rule of law. Another way of evaluating the problem is by observing the development of organized crime or
corruption. These indicate the corrosion of civilization and
the weakening of the rule of law. If we use the Soviet Union
as an example, we would realize that it was destroyed from
within and not by the United States. The Soviet Union lack
justice and the rule of law did not not protected the
citizens. These was evident by the corruption in government
and huge organized crime enterprise within the system. Once
the Soviet Umion collapsed the true face was revealed. It
was a government run by corruption and an economy run by
organized crime. We were led to believe that these were the
result of the victory of capitalism over communism. However,
if we evaluate the situation closely, we would discover
that these institutions formed the real Soviet Union. On the
other hand, United States maintain the rule of law despite adversity. In reality, this was a victory of moral fiber and preservation of the social contract in the US. What happened during the cold in the United States? The civil right movement, Vietnam, the 1960s, and Watergate among others. The US manage to upheld the social contract by using the rule of law and by removing injustice from the system. Democracy or capitalism does not guarantee the social contract or the rule of law. Instead, moral fiber and determination for justice is what determined the success of the US during the cold war. However, it was the citizens who demanded the change and the government responded appropiately. Hence, the real victory belong to the decision of men to honor their own humanity.