It is difficult at present time to know what is the difference between Cro-Magnon and Homo Sapiens. However, there seems to be a quantum leap suggestive of new genetic expression. What this a new gene or just the manifestation of an already existing one? There are multiple hypothesis but none are conclusive at present time. The Homo Sapiens is a new human subspecies as a result of new gene responsible for civilization. The Cro-Magnon and Homo Sapiens are the same, and civilization is just the result of time and experience. Homo Sapiens represent a human population with a new gene which allowed the creation of civilization. Hence, we currently have two human subspecies: Cro-Magnon representing the primitive man and Homo Sapiens representing civilization. There are no genetics studies that support any of the above hypothesis at present time. Piaget suggested that only 20% of adults develop abstract thinking. He suggested that abstract thinking represents the developmental representation of adulthood. Hence, 80% of the adult population are developmentally children. However, in
order to be civilized, abstract thinking is not required. As
a matter of fact, civilization rules are based on
developmental stage achieved by humans from age 8 thru 12
years. This stage is based on wright or wrong, good or bad,
my country, my group, my religion or my ethnic group.
Abstract thinking is required for the creation of
civilization, but not needed to live in civilization. Hence,
criminal behavior is developmentally immature, and suggest
pathology at early levels of development. However, criminals
are represented by all levels of psychological developmental stages. Therefore, genetics or psychological development does not explain criminal behavior alone.