The Cro-magnon is the first human species to appear in the fossil record. The Cro-magnon that coexisted with the Neanderthals. It is believed that the Neanderthals were extinguish by the expansion of Cro-magnon into their territories. Homo Sapiens is the contemporary human species and appears with the development of civilization. However, scientist are ambiguous between the difference of Cro-magnon and Homo Sapiens. The physical appearance and potential are the same. However, their seems to be a big difference which we are not able pinpoint comfortably at present time. The only difference is the capacity to create civilization. In fact, civilization seems to be generated by a genetic transformation in humans. However, we do not have any evidence to support this point of view conclusively. It seems that we have both Cro-magnon and Homo Sapiens present today. The Cro-magnon is the primitive man and the Homo Sapiens represent the civilized man. However, in order to use this terminology we would need genetic data to prove the point. The argument seems to be supported by our present scientific data. It would be tempting to link criminals with primitive men genes. However, criminal behavior seems to be more complex and genetics is probably one of the variables.