Heather’ present situation
Main problem: corruption of normal state, needs to overcome old patterns, degradation of normal self.
Desire: Abundance; healing of painful memories, enjoy children, parties, friendship, hospitality, enjoy life.
Obstacles: loss, hatred of opposites, upheaval against old patterns, frustration, affected by unfavorable outcomes, outpouring of emotions, accept situation and move on, separation from love ones, break up
Potential outcome: personal growth, healing of pain and suffering, your struggle is acknowledge, learning process, move away from preoccupation, move to an objective view, fight darkness, fight inertia, protect the pure, to learn
Things not to overlook: lack of resolve, laziness, poor work, time of stagnation.
Recent past: fading away
Concealment: romantic relationship with unrealistic idealism, ruled by emotions, hiding true feelings, suppressing true feelings, unable to hide true feelings, suppress sexual feelings
Internal machinations: microcosm, not looking at the whole picture, engulf in self, concentration in own family, ethnic group, intolerance, prejudice, rejection of others
External influences: fertility, type of person with tendency to abuse drugs, using drugs to escape from spiritual limitations, surrounded by negative influence.
Secret fears, hopes for the future, root of the problem: listening, to be open minded, increase knowledge, spiritual growth, love, bridge between conscious and subconscious, harmony, without prejudice, feel the truth of the situation, to assimilate, to be receptive.
Final outcome: courage is require to accomplish the desire outcome

Other comments: overcome fear, forgiveness, do not sell yourself short, do your research, forgive guilt, stop projecting yourself, stop denial, eliminate judgement, do not project guilt, anger is a call for love

Thought system: fear, hatred, guilt leads to stagnation. These are signs of lack of love. Solution is to forgive, have courage and use a thought process based on love

Perfect behavior: not a practical expectation, lack of forgiveness leads to judgement. Avoid guilt and judgement by forgiving

Enemies: fear and pain leads to projection outwards by the creation of enemies

Take responsibility for your actions
Forgiveness is to believe the act never occurred

Your present state is transitory, do not identify with your present behavior, that is not you

Projection of guilt and judgement is simply a call for love

You have to do the work