One of the most significant decisions of the Romans was to keep the Hellenic civilization intact. The Romans basically adopted the Greek culture and religion. They added certain elements that were missing and created a stronger civilization. The other achievement was to balance civilization and war for a long period of time. Typically as civilization evolves it tends to destroy the animal instinct which makes them susceptible to invasion by less sophisticated cultures. The Romans delayed the process by relying the culture to the Greeks and keeping their war thirsty tendencies. We are seeing something similar between United States and Europe in our present history. Furthermore, they innovated the concept of Empire by allowing anyone to become a Roman citizen. This concept is one the hallmark of the United States success. Also, they respected the religion and culture of the conquer. They created Roman cities in the conquer lands to indirectly assimilate the people. The democracy in the Roman Empire was not as strong as in Athens but it created a venue of power for Aristocracy. The creators of the United States used Rome as their model but attempted to prevent the creation of emperors which was the Aquiles tendon of Rome. Similarly, the French Revolution did not take the same attention to detail as the Americans which let to rise in power by Napoleon. It is my opinion that the Constitution of the United States is the major factor in the success of the nation in the 20th century.