Last but not least, Heather. The person with the worst negative action was you. The cruelty and deliberate intent to destroy me from the face of the earth has no equal. You knew what you were doing and the seriousness of your actions. I was lucky to make the right choices but it could have been a tragedy. I know you are trying to deny any wrong doing or justify to yourself what you did. However, I faced multiple choices of which none were attractive. I could have opted for violence, suicide, nervous breakdown, severe depression or just disappear. What kept me sane was hope and justice. Furthermore, my way out was simply to be myself. Turn the situation into a learning experience for others and to help. Everybody feels uncomfortable with my honesty and persistence in correcting wrong doing. It was the only way out for me. Healing and correction of wrong doing leads to a positive justice. It is essential for me and the children that you keep your psychological pathology to yourself and not involved the people around you. That instead of destroying your lives, seek help and transform your lives. Instead, you have attempted to destroy mine and now are working on the children. It is unnecessary to go in a path of destruction when there are solutions. You will have to face the truth sooner or later. You will not like what you see in the mirror. The good news is that I survived and stronger than ever. That should minimize the impact of your actions. There is no other way out of this, accept the wrong doing and correct the error by doing the right thing.