Alexander is probably one of the most important individuals in human history. He was the soul of the greek civilization put into action. Aristotle was his teacher which is critical in the creation of Alexander. He received the minds of Socrates, and Plato thru Aristotle. There is probably no one in human history that received better education than him. However, his remarkable achievement was to learn from practice the universal nature of man. He was the first Universal man. All his education and training prepare him for the conquering of the world. On the other hand, what he learn by putting into practice the theory of his teachers was beyond the reach of any other man. He was the only Universal man until the 20th century. The Romans did incorporate Alexanders views into their empire which explain the longevity of the Roman Empire. However, no one had a universal view of man. Alexander understood quickly that we all share the same humanity and desires. He learned that the virtue of a man lies within the man regardless of his religion, culture or race. Furthermore, he observed that any man can lead if he connects directly and free of prejudice. The keys of his success were to be just and merciful. Also, to respect the religion, customs and culture of the conquer. He learned to treat the conquer at the same level of his fellow Greeks. In other words, he treated all men equally. He went even further, promoted the fusion of the victor and conquer at the same level. Finally, he promoted learning from the conquer with respect and humility.