You are a piece of work. I definitely do not understand your logic. In order to get rid off me you destroy your own daughter and grandchildren. Your behavior is so irrational and crazy that the end result is total desolation. In your mind, you are hurting me. However, you forget I am a grown man. I could handle adversity. On the other hand, your grandchildren are not. They are in a critical age of development and the damage will lead to pathology. In reality you are doing me a favor if I would think objectively and individually. Obviously, I do not think that way. In my mind, my wife and children are more important to me. Furthermore, the torture and abuse towards your own daughter has no forgiveness. All she wants is your love and approval. You manipulate and play with her feelings and mind. You have destroy her completely, turn her into an alcoholic and degrade her by imposing adultery with a criminal. Your actions have no objective or final goal. They are the actions of a lunatic. Your goal is to destroy her physically and mentally. You are so crazy that your actions seem to have a logic to you. However, to a Normal person it is completely disorganized without any logic.