He had one charge of sexual assault which was dropped. I believe he was probably guilty based on statistics and on his present and past behavior. Most of these cases are dropped due to lack or evidence or the victim does not want to proceed due to social stigma. He has low IQ which is a risk factor due to lack of knowledge to understand the moral implications or consequences of actions. Lack of self-control and tendency to indulge in pleasure like drugs and alcohol. Lack of empathy towards the victim. He has shown no remorse or empathy towards me. They lack feelings towards the victim. They do what they want and when they want to regardless of the consequences. He has low self-esteem and is aware of his limitations. Hence, he is very insecure and selected Heather as a perfect victim. She just hit rock bottom with no self-esteem and depressed. A perfect victim for a predator. This was followed by complete control and isolation. This is a requirement due to his insecurities. The next step is by using physical force as a way to enforce his will. He controls everything my daughters, the phone and email. The next step is sexual assault or physical abuse. He is a walking time bomb.