If by now these people do not understand that they are wrong and are causing unnecessary pain, nothing will stop them. They will continue with their path of destruction and misery. I do not have any hope that they will recognize their wrong doing. As a matter of fact, my revealing of the truth will make them more determine to destroy me. Why? What is the point of causing harm and make children suffer? I have no idea. Their behavior makes no sense, because is completely irrational and has nothing to do with me. Their behavior is related to their own psychological pathology. Debbie Dice’s father was schizophrenic and try to kill his family more than once. In one instance, he put a gun in her head and apparently she came very close to be killed by her own father. Heather’s real dad apparently is a criminal and is in jail with a life sentence. We are talking major pathology. Their solution is to drink alcohol and create imaginary enemies. Why do I waste my time? Because, I have three daughters with that woman. In addition, that is who I am and that is what I do. I believe we can change everything and turn our lives around regardless of the obstacle. These women are not guilty for their unfortunate past. However, they are guilty by perpetuating the negative cycle. I am not part of their past and neither my daughters. My daughters have no business in getting polluted with problems that do not pertain to them. I am their father and have different genes from them. Also, my childhood experience is completely different from theirs. My daughters do not need to be assaulted with criminals and drug addicts. They are forcing their pathology on my daughters. That is the reason to get rid off me and substitute me with their own father. It is completely sickening that instead of overcoming their traumas they are forcing it to innocent children.