If you were a man and understood what I write you would leave Heather and my children alone. However, you are not a man and to stupid to understand the situation. A friend come to aid a friend in need not to steal the family. The damage you are inflicting to Heather and my daughters is beyond your mental capacity. You are so mentally challenge that it is sometimes difficult for me to blame you completely. However, regardless of your comprehension the harm is there. If you had a little of decency and honesty you would follow my advice and get lost now. I will get you out eventually because I will not rest until you are gone from my daughters lives. You are not fit to be involved with my family. You are not worthy of interacting with us. If in the future you change then that would be different. However, I do not see any hope in you. You have the same patterns and behaviors that let you to be a drug addict and drug dealer. You do not understand that you pollute the environment with your existence. I wish there was a way not to be so harsh but there is none. I have try to you are impossible to reach. My daughters do not need your presence. They have enough with their mother and grandmother. You are a pestilence and a negative influence. Go back to the sewage you came from. Why do I have to destroy your self-esteem because you are selfish and arrogant. Your mind can not understand that you cause harm by not considering the effects of your actions. You do what you please without caring for others. If I was a bad person you would have receive what you deserve. I am not a bad person and regardless of the appearance I am trying to help you. However, you to stupid and selfish to understand what I am doing. You are going to hurt yourself because you have not modify your behavior. You are one day closer to start doing drugs. Your present behavior and actions with my family are typical of your addictive personality. You are so ignorant that do not see the connection. That is why you are a moron and I am a Physician. Get lost and pollute your own family.