The difference between the walking excrement and me is abysmal. I know how to write and speak. He is almost illiterate and bordering with mental retardation. I am honest, sincere, loving and a productive member of society. He is a parasite and a criminal. I am a man of honor with courage and valor. He is a coward and a rat. I am human. He is an animal. I decided to take the path of good. He decided the path of evil. I decided to turn my negative emotions into positive and practice self-control. He does what he feels like regardless of the consequences. I dedicate my life to help people. He dedicates his life in destroying people’s life’s. When I enter anybody’s home is to help. He enters to steal. No one is afraid of me, everybody knows I will never do anything to hurt them even if they had harm me. He is a machine of destruction and pain. The difference is when the time comes for me to live this earth, I know I had a positive mark on humanity. The human excrement will leave a trail of garbage and suffering. The world would feel a relieve that the parasite left the planet.