It is difficult to explain the unnecessary hardship that my girls need to endure. The last irresponsible act was imposed by their mother and grandmother. The lack of concern for the wellbeing of the children and immoral acts are reprehensible. I do not understand the purpose or objective in making children suffer for no other reason than to torture them. The most important years of a child are from birth to age 7. These two women have done everything possible to damage the mind of these innocent children. Separating them from their father followed by reunification and then separation. Humiliation and abuse of the grandmother towards Sofia. The grandmother bought a shotgun to kill their father. The grandmother separated their brother from their mother as a warning. This was followed by the grandmother calling DCF to threatened the removal of the children. This is mental abuse towards Heather. If you do not do what I want, I will take all children away. The final act of a despicable individual was to make her daughter commit adultery with a human excrement.