When any of us follow the path to the bottom for whatever reason, you will encounter certain individuals. The more vulnerable and weak you are the more likely that the bottom feeders will come to finish was is left of you. The human excrement is one of this individuals. When life seems to have no solution and hope is fading. This hero of evil made the entrance like a rat, he enter thru the cracks and holes of the sewage. Imagine that your mother wishes you a life of suffering and misery. That your mother wants you to experience every single misfortune she experienced. That your mother brings you a criminal as the solution to all your problems. The perfect mate, to complete the destruction of any decency or morals left in you. The final stroke, your mother promotes adultery and deception as the solution to your problems. How can a mother wish for her daughter to degrade herself and lose any sense of integrity left? How can a mother promote and induce alcoholism to her own daughter? What kind of man comes like a rat to take advantage of an unfortunate situation to force his way in? Human waste material, garbage and excrement.