Carlos is good vs Billy the human excrement is evil. Good loves, gives, protects, heals, and is incapable of harm. Evil is any act that results in the pain and suffering of others. It is the classical cliché of the hero and the villain. The villain always takes the first hand but eventually succumbs to the hero. I will never be able to take advantage of a tragedy. I am unable to use his children against him or to make him suffer. I am incapable of causing him any harm. The worst I could do is telling him the truth in case he may see the light. However, I doubt it, he is to far gone into garbage and filth to understand reality. However, he does not hesitate in causing me harm. Why? I do not know. All I know is that I could not even imagine what is to be a human excrement. It must be a nightmare to enjoy harming people and going thru life doing what you feel like.