Imagine you were a drug dealer like the human excrement. He profited from destroying people’s life’s. Every drug he sold induced so much harm to society that the negative effects will be present for at least two generations. He not only harm the addict but their families and friends. Unfortunately, because of his actions some of the children of the addicts will be addicts too. Also, other effects of drugs such as child neglect and abuse, rape, and crimes in general. Divorce is common among addicts and alcoholics with negative impact on the children.
Imagine that your mother selected the human excrement as your mate. How would you feel? You are not good enough, you are garbage. That is a cruel act by any mother. You are so low that you should leave your husband who is a physician for a drug dealer.
Imagine that your father or stepfather is the human excrement. How would you feel?
I refuse to let my daughters to associate with such an insect.