What separate a human from an animal is civilization, intellect, ethics and morals. We are paradoxically animals that have transcended into a new species which requires the restraining of our animal tendencies. If a human does not follow this path then is treated like an animal. A perfect example are criminals which are put in cages like animals to protect the rest of the population. The rules, laws, customs and religious belief are ways to restrain our animal behavior. The most important task of a human is not to behave like an animal. Slavery was used as form of punishment for humans that refused to stop their animal behavior. Similarly, the Roman gladiators were criminals that were sold into slavery. The family is a cornerstone of human survival. We are the only primate that engages in this form of relationship. The nuclear family increase human populations from 30 in chimpanzees to 120. This increase in numbers was essential to our survival since we are both prey and predator. Hence, the most basic rules in humanity defend the family. Otherwise, we would not make such a big deal of adultery, stealing etc. Negative emotions lead to animal behavior and conflict.
Obviously, now it is evident why the human excrement is a
focus of my attention. He is an animal among us who believe
is human. You are not human because you behave like an animal
and that is why I do not want my children to be exposed to garbage.