It is difficult to simplify your essence and meaning with words. You are my biggest joy and my weakness. You are my reason to live and my reason not to live my life with freedom. You are my extension and my limitation. Your mothers are my best friends and my worst enemies. They use you against me and they use you to attract me. Your mothers interfere with our relationship as if they own you and me. You share many things with each other, but each of you is a unique gem. Estefania and Adriana share their skills in dancing and singing. Estefania and Sofia share my sense of justice and my courage. They are all smart and sensitive like me. Estefania and Adriana are vulnerable to emotions surrounding them like me. Sofia and Estefania fight these external enemies like me. However, Adriana tends to keep it to herself like her mother and my dad. Adriana is the daughter that reminds me the most of my dad. She has a beautiful voice like him, she has my dad’s charm and physical body. Adriana’s eyes reflect the internal beauty and innocence like her mother’s. Estefania and Sofia have honest and sincere eyes like me. Adriana’s smile is hypnotizing like my dad and Heather’s. Sofia and Estefania’s smile is sincere and honest like mine. They are all athletic like me and Heather. Estefania is similar to her mother in sports. Estefania and Sofia are stubborn like their respective mothers. Annabella has the beauty and sweetness of my mother and Heather. Annabella’s eyes and smile are the most unique of my daughters. She incorporated all the elements described above into one. She is the synthesis of all. The baby, the word of order without fight. The voice of reason and love.