The door to your soul was found to be open, your true nature was stolen and replace with hatred.
The door to your heart was found to be open, your kindness was replaced by pain.
The door to your mind was found to be open, your thoughts were replaced with lies and deception.
The door to your spirit was found to be open, your innocence and sensibility were replaced with lust and pleasure.
The key of your destiny was stolen and hidden in the bottom of pool of fire.
Your skin wAs replace for that of a snake.
Your eyes were replaced with those of an insect.
Your mouth was replaced with the jaws of a jackal.
Your nose was replaced for that of a fly.
Your hands were replaced with the paws of bears.
Your identity was changed to that of a beast.
Where are you? Who is impersonating you? Who reside inside of you instead? When this false representation will cease to represent you? Where is your true identity? Who stole the key and replace all your jewels with garbage? Why you are not crying for help? In what dungeon you are being torture?
Wherever you are scream with your heart, break the chains with your mind, open the door with your soul and fly away with your spirit.