What happened to your beautiful angel eyes? They reflect the stare of a confuse and trouble soul.
What happened to your sweet honey lips? Now are dry as a dessert and salty like the Dead Sea.
What happened to your smile, the most pure and harmonic crystal bells that have ever walked on earth? Now you have a fake frown.
What happened to that honest and pure soul? Now is dark as muddy water.
What happened to your internal beauty that used to radiate the world and impregnate the environment with the fragrance of innocence? Now is opaque and reflects the darkness of filth.
Why did you let yourself go to darkness? What was so powerful that you gave your purity to be stained with excrement?
Where are you? How can anyone transform from an Angel into a demon? Darkness you have enslave a beautiful child of God. Darkness release this innocent and pure child back to where she belong. Let her shine, let her fly, let her find her way home. Let her glorify the world with her presence. The world misses you Angel eyes.