Nana Frances I am sorry to bother you. I know your answers but Heather seems to be confused. She has been lost since you died. She has been trying to connect with you, but she does not know how.
What do you think of Billy Peterson?
What do you think of Heather’s behavior since you died?
What do you think about her relationship with Billy Peterson?
What do you think about Debbie’s behavior towards Heather?
Do you think Debbie is doing what is best for Heather and the kids?
What is your opinion of me?
Do you think I am a good husband and father?
Do you think I deserve the way I am treated by Heather and Debbie?
Do you think I should be blocked from seeing my daughters?
Do you think we should get divorce?
Do you think Billy is a good man?
What are Debbie’s intentions? Why?
Why Debbie wanted to shoot me?
What do you think of Bud?
How do you feel about the girls situation?
Nana Frances sorry to bother you but these two women are out of control. I know you are here but they do not know how to reach you. I love you and thank you for loving me.