The truth will set you free only when you eliminate hatred and anger from yourself. The truth only has power in the company of empathy and compassion. What is the purpose of truth? Do you think the truth is a tool for judgement? Or do you think the truth is a way to freedom? The truth is not to keep in jail or in chains. The truth is for you to find your way home in the middle of a war. The truth is not a declaration of war. The truth is the avoidance of conflict. The truth only hurts if you deny to see it. The truth is harmony when is used to alleviate pain and suffering. You are only afraid of the truth if your heart is full of hatred and anger. You are afraid of the truth if you live in a magic castle power by your wishes and desires. The truth is clear as water, cold as snow, warmth as the sun, and soothing as a breeze. The truth is a blue sky without clouds. The truth is an ocean without waves. The truth is a bird’s net. The truth is a touch by a friendly hand. The truth is a beautiful sound that wakes you up from a nightmare. The truth is your freedom by my heart and my freedom by your heart.