Love is honest, it does not recognize secrecy or lies.
Love is free, it does not respond to threats or abuse.
Love is free of attachment, it does not cease if the situation changes.
Love is self-less, it does not have conditions or expects anything in return.
Love is the currency of the poor, it does not hide when money is lacking.
Love is unconditional, it does not dissipates in the times of trouble.
Love heals, it does not turn into hatred.
Love transform suffering into happiness by using empathy and compassion.
Love is loyal, it never betrays.
Love is timeless, it does not change over time and not affected by physical transformations.
Love is generous, it gives and never ask for anything.
Love does not blame, it does not judge, but forgives.
Love is real, it is not based on fantasy or idealism.
Love is loving you like I love myself
Love has no enemies
Love is justice
Love is not to do harm
Love is mercy