The next challenge is to be honest and truthful always. Truthful is what you say, believe and do is actually true. For example, you can believe a lie and convince yourself to be true. If we get a polygraph test will pass it because we believe it. The true blind is the one that does not want to see. Let the children come to me because the kingdom of heaven is for those who are like children. In other words, you have a clean mind. Giving children negative emotions is probably a very cruel act. It is the most irresponsible act an adult can do. We all have free will. You can not force anyone to do wrong. You can not say, he made me do it. It is my dad’s fault not mine. You commit the crime you pay the price. You are not a victim, no justification, no secrecy, no lies, no legal case, no law to get you off the hook. You commit the crime you pay the price. You can not hide from the laws of the universe. If you convince other people that you are inocent when you were guilty, you will still pay. Lying to yourself and others is the worst mistake you can make, because you may believe it to be truth. Love your neighbor like you love yourself. Love your enemy, turn the other cheek. You can not attack evil with evil. You can not bring light with darkness. The response to an evil act is no action. If you do not believe this you are a fool. It never fails, you can not change the laws or ignore them. The last will be the first. What Jesus meant is that the people who follows the right path may appear to be losers or failures. The truth of the matter is that the apparent order of the world is an illusion. Jesus had no desire to be Cesar or King because he knew that those positions do not mean anything. If you have problem with any of the above, you already know your challenges.