There are certain believes that you require to be able to attempt this behavior modification. You need to be absolutely convince that we are all equal. Otherwise, your thoughts would wander to prove that the other is inferior. We are all equal in potential, but not equal in practice. In other words, there is positive reinforcement for your positive actions and negative repercussions for bad actions. The beauty and nightmare of the laws of the universe is that there is no lawyer to bail you out. There is no way to escape jail, no way to pay a bribe, no way to fool the jury and no way to con your way out. The laws are automatic and do not make mistakes because it knows everything. This is one of our mistakes, we assume that the laws of the universe are similar to the laws of man. Jesus explain clearly that he responded only to the supreme authority. What he meant was that you should be afraid at the universal laws not the law of man. If you have lived in this planet and have observe the reality, then that statement will make sense. Do not expect to get away with wrong doing. If you do not like to suffer then you should evaluate the way you think further. The other point is that the competition is with yourself. You can not justify any action, you can not say, everybody is doing it. If I am imperfect it is not an excuse for you to do wrong. You should be afraid of yourself not God or others. You commit bad acts using your thoughts, words or actions. This explain why controlling your emotions start by controlling your thoughts. The thought is the first action, followed by words, then by the act. If you control the thought then the act will never happened. This is called the law of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. The second law is the boomerang. You will get what you give. If you analyze your live objectively you will reach the same conclusion. Karma is the suffering you are experiencing now is the result of your own actions in the past. In other words, there are no victims, no heroes, no injustice. You do the crime you pay the price without mercy. We are the devil, we create hell not an external source.