Empathy, forgiveness, compassion, responsibility, accepting the right of happiness for other people, caring, wisdom, free of attachment, and love. Words are only hurtful if the individuals believe them to be real. Typically, past experiences is what assign values to words. The past in reality is a mental image or interpretation of a past event. We assign and qualify these images with significance. Also, we may attach an emotion or symbolic meaning to a past event. The key is that we give the meaning and interpretation of the event. Therefore, we have the power to change the meaning or give no meaning at all. Once we give the image a meaning then we have the option to file the experience or keep it open. Alternatively, we can discard the image if desire too. Again, we decide what to do with an image of the past. Attachment is the mechanism use to decide what images are selected and what symbolism it will receive. The past gets polluted by desires or idealistic wishes that may have no real connection to the event. For example, you participated in a competition and desire to win but lost. You had a significant amount of mental time invested and the failure to fulfill the dream left a scar. This event can be relived in the future or generate fears about competitions. Hence, the whole drama and conflict was created by you in your mind. It has nothing to do with the competition but how you decided to label and interpret the event. We literally live in our minds. Furthermore, we mixed the actual events with our dreams and wishes to the point they become one. Reality gets confused with fantasy and is viewed as one event. Therefore, by controlling your mind consciously and differentiating reality from fantasy can help preventing suffering. By not attaching and emotion to an event you can minimize unnecessary afflictions. Finally, by exchanging positive antidotes for negative emotions we can decrease the emotional baggage.