The worst example of negative emotions in the 20th was Germany which was the instigator of both World Wars. The NAZI party and Hitler are a perfect example of how negative emotions can lead to mass and global suffering. The main purpose or propaganda was to proof the superiority of the Arian race which was the worst goof in the history of mankind. Their focus on the Jews is that they are the only group in this planet which was involved with every single civilization. Furthermore, they have played a significant role in each civilization. Hence, they have been called the chosen ones. It is not a good tag to have in a world like ours full of envy and hatred. The Jews were present with the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greece, Rome, Europe, Constantinople, and the Muslim empires. The madness of Hitler and his party went as far as to attempt to exterminate the Jews from the face of the earth. The Jews are a living representation of mankind from it’s beginning. What a beautiful symbol to have in mankind, a taste of every epoch still alive. I could not think of a worst crime to humanity than the genocide of the Jews. Imagine that your main goal is to eliminate a group because your ancestors were barbarians. How childish and infantile thought. The negative emotions can justify any thought or act regardless of the consequences. This infantile thought led to mass destruction, infinite suffering, and human lives wasted. If you do not think negative emotions are not serious, you are a fool. You are denying the nature of your own evil in you. That is irresponsible because we all have the capacity to work on ourselves to become better people and create a better world. If you read this you better think about it seriously, because we can only change one person, yourself. No one can change anybody else that is free will. Anytime someone decides to allow their negative emotions to take control of their lives is a tragedy. This emotions would be passed down by generations until a courageous individual decides to stop the cycle. It is like dying of thirst and hunger while having the water and food in front of your face. If you feel bad, from what I just described, that is empathy and compassion at the same time. If you do not respect the right of another human being or group to happiness is hatred. If you steal, sell drugs, destroy a family for lust or selfishness or kill you are evil. Making people suffer in purpose with no regards or responsibility of your actions that is evil. Once you decide to commit these assaults to humanity, there is no place you can hide. Every negative action you commit against a fellow human being is like doing it to yourself. No one is immune, is as predictable as death. Denying that your acts have no consequence is not a fact but a lie to yourself. You can not justify evil even if you are a victim of an injustice. That is the significance of eating the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Once we developed free will and acquired awareness we can not act like animals. If you do what you want, when you want regardless of the consequences you are an animal. However, you will be judge like a human. Who will judge you? Yourself by your own suffering. You will create your own hell. You can not hide from yourself. Everywhere you go hell will follow you, until you decide to change.