Negative emotions can be incorporated into nations and cultures. For example, it is not a coincidence that Napoleon Bonaparte went to Egypt to conquered it and loot it. Many of the civilizations treasures reside in the Louvre in Paris due to Napoleon’s military campaign in Europe. He literally stole pieces of art and artifacts and are displayed as the property of France. My first reaction when I visited the Louvre was of repulsion because these art works were obtained by force and violence. They were robbed from their owners as to acquired their history. To eliminate and wiped out their past in order to give France a symbolic key to ancient civilizations. Napoleon Bonaparte is from Corsica an italian island that belongs to France. Who was better than an italian to give France the keys to a past that they did not belong. The arrogance of the French and their empire reside in their history of being barbarians. These term was used by the romans to described germanic tribes that lived at the North and West of the empire. These barbarians or uncivilized men would then become the core of Western Civilization. The medieval age or dark age begun with the fall of the Roman Empire to the barbarians. Hence the term “Barbarians at gate” of Rome. Unlike the romans that kept the Greek civilization alive, the barbarians destroy civilization completely. As a matter of fact, civilization in Europe went backwards hence the term ‘Dark Ages”. Historians have tried to blame christianity as the cause of the dark ages. These view is a reflection of projection of guilt to the Catholic church and Rome. These western civilization scholars are ashamed of the retrogression in civilization at the hand of their ancestors. Furthermore, the majority of the western civilization core are protestants which serves the purpose of justifying the split in christianity during the Renaissance. The truth is that the church was in the only institution that kept civilization alive in the west. These deposits of knowledge were then launched in the Renaissance to rebuilt the civilization in the western part of the Roman Empire. Christianity was launch during the Roman Empire way before its collapsed and was kept in Constantinople or the eastern part of the Roman empire without the collapse of civilization during the dark ages. This is how this negative emotions enter our lives and clouds the truth. We lied to ourselves to fit reality to our wishes or to remove blame. However, who blame the French for not creating civilization, nobody, it was their own mind. Who told Napoleon to steal all these treasures in the name of France, nobody, his own mind did it. As a matter of fact the Egyptian campaign was a blunder and Napoleon left his men behind while he went to safety in France. Later Napoleon turn this military fiasco into a fictional victory that launch him into power. It is not a coincidence that this negative emotions are related to the worst acts of atrocity against humanity and a trait for dictators. Why scholars are ashamed of their past and feel the need to change history? Who cares what happened many centuries ago? It is just a story about the past. Why we give so much importance to the past? If you have a desire to feel superior and there is something in the past that contradicts this fact then it need to be change. There has to be a negative emotion behind the purpose of an immature act. Evaluating negative emotions give us a different perspective of reality and an alternative to our decisions.