Why fight anger, hatred, or any other negative emotion. The enemy outside is attacking. We need to protect ourselves and defend our families. These negative emotions are there to give us fuel to defend ourselves. The answer is more complicated than we would like to explore. it would require an extensive training in self-introspection to be able to respond properly to every negative emotion properly. As we mentioned before negative emotions are a legacy of primitive societies. This fact is overlooked by everyone in our society. We have expended the majority of our time on earth in primitive societies. It has been only 3,000 years that civilization was started. It takes at least 1,000 years to adapt genetically to new environments. Hence, we are just beginning to adapt genetically to civilization. Negative emotions served us well for the majority of our existence. However, these imprinted mechanisms have encounter a challenge with civilizations. The challenge was dramatic in the 20th century because of the leap forward in science and technology. Our level of civilization has surpassed our genetic make up. Hence, the struggle has never being more fierce since we are capable of destroying ourselves. At times these negative emotions maybe require for survival like in war, living in primitive societies, surviving a catastrophe, or any other primeval situation. When we evaluate our fear to these situations suggest that the genetic transformation has begun but not completed. These emotions have a purpose but under those situations alone. It is when we used them in civilization that they become inappropriate. Furthermore, our internal conflict with this emotions is evident in traumatic stress disorder associated with war. These emotions collide head forward with the rules and standards of civilizations. Once you turn them on it is difficult to shut them down. Hence, the difficulty of these individuals to integrate back to society. The traumatic stress disorder is a conflict between the emotions and the moral values of the individual. The person feels guilty about the discovery that there is a primitive animal inside of him. The guilt is so severe that leads to severe anxiety and fear to let the wild beast out. This conflict is well explained by the werewolf myth. The individual prefers to paralyzed itself in order to prevent this beast out. Obviously, this is a simplistic explanation but the idea is clear. Dog breeding is an example of how genes can be selected to adapt to a specific situation. Dogs are wolves that by genetic breeding were used to protect herds against wolves. Now we have change dog breeds to adapt to society by further manipulation of their aggressive nature. Present city dwellers walk with non-aggresive wolves everyday. If you take one of these breeds to the wild their chance of survival is minimal. aggressive breeds have decreased dramatically since the second half of the 20th century. They are presently located in rural communities were cattle and the fear of predators still present. It could be concluded that negative emotions are a primitive trait associated with aggression and violence for self-preservation. Hence, negative emotions are one step into transforming into an animal. The guilt and consequences of negative emotions is the conflict between good and evil seen in religion. Similarly, governments utilize the same symbol before a war. The legal system uses this principle to separate other humans into cages like animals. In Genesis this conflict is expressed as the original sin. When humans separate themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom by understanding the injustice of causing pain and suffering to others. This transforms into guilt and awareness, that we are animals that have transcended our animal state. There is no going back, to be human is to control negative emotions in order to prevent suffering, injustice and harm to others.