Triggers for negative emotions are suffering, change, attachment, and resistance. The defense mechanisms perpetuate the cycle of negative emotions. The most important defense mechanisms are denial, projection, victimization, idealization, justification and memories. Emotions are feelings trapped in a past event. Hence, the more important is the past the more force the emotions will impact the individual. The less aware of a past event the more difficult to identify the emotion. Suffering is the most significant trigger because we are all exposed to it. Negation of suffering as a normal aspect of life in modern society has incremented the impact of suffering. If you do not understand that suffering is unavoidable you will be paralyzed by it. Change is a relative and subjective trigger which varies in the same individual depending on the situations associated with the event or time in development. Attachment is as common as suffering but is not easily recognized because lies in the background. Resistance is associated with the above. However, the more resistance the harder it would be to overcome the problem. Resistance will vary depending on the situation in the same individual too. Furthermore, resistance lies in the background and could be difficult to identify. Ultimately, resistance may be last obstacle to overcome a negative emotion. Resistance is also associated to the subconscious and may be difficult to identify the cause of it. Finally, resistance is closely link to the defense mechanism and may be overlook or hidden by the defense strategies. Defense mechanism are design to protect the psyche at the expense of awareness. It hides the problem from yourself to minimize impact. However, defense mechanisms are not design to hide massive and chronic issues. Furthermore, a defense mechanism may be a relative and suttle conscious decision usually associated with resistance. Denial is the basic defense mechanism. It is usually associated at early stages of a problem and usually dissipates. However, when denial is used in a permanent role it’s effects could be devastating and usually hides a real time bomb. Projection is the most prevalent defense mechanism and the most conflictive of all. It arises from denial and the purpose is simply to blame an external source as the cause of suffering. Usually, the external source is judge as an enemy and a battle soon evolves. The concern with this mechanism is that the individual initiates an attack against a potentially innocent individual. These leads to injustice which in return will render the victim powerless to prevent retaliation. Based on our concepts of justice it is socially acceptable to fight or kill if confronted with an injustice. Furthermore, there is an idealization of the hero which further limits the victim to opt out of revenge. If this is injustice is associated with a structure of power it may lead to genocide or war against a weak non-threatening group. From this brief discussion it becomes evident that negative emotions are no joke. Our present attitude to avoid the effects of negative emotions is the result of the present domination of western civilization by younger and less develop cultures. In particular, the northern Europeans cultures that by timeline were less civilize than their predecessors. However, this is not new, as a matter of fact every civilization crumbles at the presence of a younger and inmature civilization that is stronger. The younger civilization adopts the old civilization but introduces naive and inmature components. For example, the domination of the Roman Empire over the Greeks. The barbarian attitjtuted is no coincidence and is evident by our recent history. The rise and global warfare in the hands of Napoleon, World War I and II and the genocide of Jews and other Europeans during World War II. The inmature justification was that there is someone out there that is responsible for all our problems. Hence, if we destroy it the problem would dissapear by magic. The argument is so infantile that it is laughable. However, it is a fact for humanity. Our ignorance of history, lack of concern in education, glorification of ignorant and inmature ideas are a serious threat to society. We even have an idealization of ignorance and a counterculture supporting the values of ignoramus. It is an irresponsibility from our part to cling to ignorance and continue to be plague by reversible conditions.