In life we can follow two paths, the easy road or the hard way.
The easy road does not requires any effort, no practice, no sacrifice, no discipline, no morals, no self-control. You just walk along the road hoping you will arrive to your destination. On the other hand, the hard way prepares you for the journey and guaranties a safe arrival. It should be a no brainer right? Why we consistently sabotage our own happiness? Why we do not assume responsibility for our acts and blame everybody and their mother?
We have accepted that it is possible to go thru life without an effort. Most of our immediate needs are financial. Hence, we have legalized fraud and stealing. We have allowed immoral and unethical behavior to be fair game. We allow ourselves to get paid for doing nothing or to exploit others. We let criminals believe that doing their time is enough. We let criminals believe that they have the same value as people who have dedicated their lives to society. We are teaching humanity to follow the easy road. We are promoting and advertising the easy road. We tell ourselves, that being good, moral, honest, loyal, hard working, responsible, and a productive member of society is being dumb. We despise and reject the hard way. Anyone can complain about every little problem in their lives or the world. The question is, what are they doing about it? How they live their lives? It is easy to blame someone else and continue polluting humanity. The arrogance of criminals, dishonest and corrupted individuals is respected and admire by society.
What message we are sending to the subsequent generations? Does anybody cares that you can not keep cohesion and order with this posture? How much longer humanity can withstand this self-destructive path? I have always felt a natural repulsion and disdain towards these people. They walked among us like good citizens, run corporations, banks, you name it. However, they are easy to spot. They are arrogant with complex of superiority to hide their deficiencies. They are dictatorial and rule by fear. They target the only individual who makes them feel inferior, the good guy. They fear good people with so much impute that they would not stop until they are humiliated. If you want to be good, then face the consequences. Do you want to live in a world like this? What do you teach your own children? I rather be dumb, humiliated, destroy and follow the hard way. Why? If you have any sense, the answer is obvious.