When your heart cries of pain and suffering, my heart assumes the pain.
When your soul is confused and takes the wrong path, my soul volunteers to assume the blame.
When your mind is fighting a civil war against you, my mind settles a pact.
When you attack my essence, my ego surrenders and declines the battle.
When you betray me, I stand still and refuse to obtain justice.
When you humiliate me, I stand still and refrain from action.
When you are thirsty, I give you water.
When you are hungry, I give you food.
When you are cold, I warm you with my entire existence.
When you cry, I assume the blame.
When you are angry, I observe and listen.
When you deny me, I give you everything I have.
When you hate, I retaliate with love.
When you are sick, I nurse you to health.
When you leave me, I stand still and let you go.