I graduate from an all male catholic Prep-school. My friends dare me to run for student council because I was very opinionated and cynical. My point of view was that being in the student council was a waste of time. People are not interested in positive change. The student council was another structure people use for their own benefit and had nothing to do with serving the school. My friends were still very naive and felt uncomfortable with my negative description of society. They were concern about my new perspective. My father just move out of the house to live with a girlfriend. My chubby girlfriend dumped me because her family could not tolerate a boy from a broken home. My mother was depressed and left me with all the responsibilities. My friends saw my pain and were desperate to return me to my natural state. We were all members of the best basketball team in the state. I was the starting point guard, and All State. I was the leader and soul of the team. The problem solver and glue that allowed multiple egos to coexist in the same place. I accepted the dare determine to prove that society was corrupt and full of hypocrisy. My state of mind was of resentment and hatred towards society. I did not respect the people I was going proposing to serve. It was just a social experiment. Obviously, we kept it secret and nobody knew our real intention up to today. My group consisted of five members including me. The manager was my best friend who was a genius, the valedictorian of the class, the six man of the team and the best person I have ever known. The third member was the starting center, a pretty boy and pot-head. He was my biggest nightmare because he didnot perform to his full potential. He would play high at times which drove me crazy. I had to monitor him constantly and make sure he did not went partying
prior to games. The fourth member was an introverted and shy kid with severe ADHD. He was deep in the bench and did not play a major role in anything. Hewas talented and good-looking but never blossom because of his insecurities. His ADHD was my worst thorn during high school. I had to do homework and study with him every day to make sure he did not flunk out of school. I had to study for
myself and then tutor him while he was playing the drum or playing with a tennis ball. It was a challenge not to lose my patience and beat crap out of him. The fifth member was a true gentleman, All State forward and one of the best players in the state. He was ranked last in the class and received a standing ovation when he received his high school diploma. His best friend was an All State forward the Captain of the team and the campaign manager for the opposing candidate. They were inseparable since childhood and formed an invincible duo.
However, he decided for the first time in his life to oppose his best friend for me. It was one of the greatest honor anyone have ever given me. I called him black because there were no blacks in our school. He was dark skin and noble enough to take the burden of a race he did not belong to. It was one of my ways of criticizing society. He was such an amazing individual that he took the role with humility and pride. My conditions to run for the Vice presidency were the following: no drugs, tobacco or alcohol, no insults or humiliation of the opponent, no lies, no false promises, no hypocrisy, no manipulation. We were going to run an honest and clean campaign. We hired an advertising agency as a consultant and proceeded as plan. The advertising agency were very supportive of the project and were the only people beside us that knew the truth of our motives. We had only 20 supporters, the whole junior class back up my opponent. I have not mentioned the opponent yet because he was everything I detested. He was a mediocre individual who look like a gremlin. However, he was popular because he belonged to a wealthy family. He had a great car and a beautiful girlfriend. However, he was dumb as a nail. He was a very nice guy and not malignant. He was kind and friendly even though he was shallow. It was impossible to hate him. His campaign was exactly as I expected. marijuana, tobacco and alcohol everywhere. He would have wild parties in his mansion frequently with plenty of pot and alcohol. The last party was probably the craziest and funnier I have ever seen. The whole school was there supporting him. The nerds and rejects partying hard with the cool dudes. They were in heaven, the smiles and happiness of those kids were special to see. It gave me joy to see them so happy but at the same time I felt pain for the injustice they were part of. The cool dudes were making fun of them while mingling with us. They were telling us that we were fools by following a clean campaign. They respected our position and the insults were not personal just business as usual. We party along the cool dudes while watching the spectacle. Our campaign was honest, intelligent with practical concepts that led to the creation of equality for every member of the school. Basketball was king in my school so were revere and treated like rock stars and primadonas. I thought this was unfair because the school was not supporting the talents of other member of the school. I felt that every talent deserved the same attention that we received. In my mind bringing every talent to the same level would transform our school into legendary center of education at the level or ancient Greece. The tradition was to enter the school with your caravan the day of the final speech. The opponent had the largest caravan during our high school years. We had only three cars and waited for everyone to get inside for us to arrive. We were laughing that I won the bet but determine to finish with honor. I convinced my friends that my perspective was a realistic assessment of our society. However, something change in me thru the process. I stopped rejecting my fellow classmates and felt true compassion for them. I was determined to be there for them even if they were not interested. My friends new that I needed to widened my empathy and compassion. They knew how I devoted myself for them and fought with valor to the end. The opponents speech was a disaster and I felt embarrass for him. My presentation was the best in all our years in high school. I received a standing ovation from the whole auditorium and all the faculty congratulated me with pride in their hearts. It gave us hope that maybe we could be wrong. That people really care to change. However, the votes showed the worst the defeat in the school history. This time we did not laugh. We have develop hope for humanity. We felt empower to make a difference. My friends gave me the most valuable gift of my life. They restore hope which I have not lost yet. They gave me direction and purpose to live in this planet to serve mankind. The gave me enough compassion and empathy for a lifetime.