Mi Tierra

Tus labios saben a dulce de grosellas
Tu sangre esta hecha de jugo de acerola
Tu piel tiene aroma de guayaba
Tu eres un atardecer en Boqueron
Tue eres un amanecer en Luquillo
Tu eres neblina en Jajome
Tu eres luna llena en la Parguera
Tu eres cascada del Yunque
Tu eres la brisa en el cafetal
Tu eres el azucar del Canaveral
Tu eres la sombra de una palma
Tu eres mi tierra Y en ti quiero vivir


Civil disobedience vs criminal offense

Laws may not be moral or ethical, hence, civil disobedience could be illegal but correct. For example, during NAZI Germany Euthanasia of mentally retarded individuals, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc was legal. Hence, a Physician who refused to performed Euthanasia was breaking the law. A criminal breaks the law out off disregard for the best interest of others or society. For example, a drug dealer breaks the law by selling illegal substances and causing injury to individuals. Furthermore, drug dealers have a direct negative effect on the economical and social state of a society. That is why Nelson Mandela could be elected President of South Africa but your neighborhood drug dealer never gets elected to Congress. People who try to equate breaking the law with criminal behavior are ignorant or malicious. The apartheid government of South Africa could have put in jail Nelson Mandela under their laws but could not transform him into a criminal. On the other hand, a drug dealer would never be transform into hero.

Little Angels

Let the little angels be happy. Set the little angels free.
Little angels are to be kept free of immorality and perversion.
Corrupting little angels is not an act invisible to God. Let the
little angels grow up free of the karma of corruption. Little
angels are not responsible for the pain inflicted to other little
angels who grew up to be demons. Little angels are vulnerable to
the desires of dark souls. Damaging the hearts of little angels is
a crime towards the heavens. Let the little angels experience their
own mistakes. Do not impose on them the darkness of confuse and
torture predators. Little angels have the right to happiness that
it was denied to Man-Animals. Shattering the hope and spirit of
little angels generates the hurricane of desolation to mankind.
Despicable and foul souls keep away from little angels. Take your
lust and indecency to the pits of your infinite hell. Do not
pollute the little angels with the filth of your shameless desires.
Man-animal keep your disgusting and dirty existence away from the
little angels.

We are all one after all

The trinity of evil does not give up in their holocaust of hatred, lust, cruelty, immorality and injustice. They do not know when to stop. They do not understand that you can not have it all. Desire and wishful thinking is
not equivalent to reality. Their insanity, selfishness and arrogance are their major weakness. They fail to recognized the laws of the universe. They pretend to maneuver the world with stone age spirituality. I pity them because the reversal of fortune is nothing I would wish to anybody. I hope they change their ways because their suffering will not make me happy. On the contrary, their doom is my failure to show them the correct way. They are me and I am them, and we are all one.

The Power of God

The immoral and the corrupt felt to be invincible.
The criminal thought he was absolved of his crimes.
The drug dealer believed to be invisible.
The power of God has no enemies.

The black mailer assumed victory.
The kidnapper planned the crime in the shadows of hell.
The bigot crowned himself king of nothing.
The power of God has no rivals.

The sexual offender committed another abuse.
The cruel inflicted pain to the heavens.
The ignorant claim dominion over wisdom.
The power of God is immune to evil.

The child abuser chained the children in the basement.
The wife beater crush the heart of a child.
The dishonest sold air to the hungry.
The power of God is not blind.

The Good Samaritan

I was navigating blind inside a river cave and I heard your
voice. I was trapped in a dream world of illusions and I saw your
eyes. I was flying without wings and I felt your soul. I was lost
in a house of mirrors and you held my hand. I was chained to a
lifeless statue and you open my eyes. I was crying for a promise
and you gave me reality. I was suffering for a Madonna without a
heart and you gave me kindness. I was claiming justice and you
brought me God. I was searching for truth and you showed me peace.
I was looking for an answer and you taught me hope. I was drowning
in my own tears and you touched my soul. I was thirsty for love and
you told me to seek inside my well. Thank you, for stoping and
aiding this vulnerable traveler. May the love of God irrigate your
garden forever.


Portrait of a Criminal


Lust is the thirst of a criminal.
Control is the aphrodisiac of a criminal.
Immorality is the rule of a criminal.
Cruelty is the passion of a criminal.
Lack of self-control is the root of the criminal behavior.
Immediate gratification is the drug of the criminal.
Arrogance is the weakness of the criminal.